As ya’ll know, my wonderful husband and I are about to embark on a much anticipated week-long cruise vacation. While my heart and mind are all prepared to set sail, my skin is far from ready! I am naturally really–and I mean really–pale. I hate being in the heat, so I rarely ever get sun. For as long as I can remember I have always used L’oreal Sublime Bronze self-tanning lotion to get my summer glow on. While I am absolutely in love with this product, I do get tired of having to reapply it about once a week to maintain my bronze and didn’t feel like packing my magic bottle of bronze and tanning glove. So, I’m taking the plunge and hoping for the best!

When I was about 12-14 I had a spray tan, WAY back in the day when they were pretty new. It was awful, full on Oompa-Loompa awful! I was so upset and sad about the result that I swore to never get one again. Well, this year I decided to break that vow and try out an airbrush spray tan once again. So I thought I’d share with y’all my before and afters along with a brief review and explanation of my experience at AirBrush Tan Dallas

First off, the salon is SUPER cute and chill. I was greeted by, my tanning fairy godmother, Heather, within 5 minutes of my arrival. Heather is super sweet, engaging and made me feel totally comfortable — and that’s not easy when you know you are about to disrobe in front of a stranger–. She gave me a brief description of how the airbrush session would work, how long it would take and told me a bit about the Norvel products she would be using and we got started. The whole process took maybe 10 minutes. The application is a bit chilly, so be prepared for that, but other than that it’s so easy and painless!

Norvel products have a built in bronzer so the tan specialist can see exactly where they are placing the tan and make sure you don’t have any streaks. The bronzing factor was a huge plus to me because then I could check it out immediately and get a good feel for what the result would be about 6-8 hrs later. The product smells NICE! It smells nothing like any other self-tanner I’ve tried. It also was perfect for my sensitive skin, I haven’t had any itching or breakouts from it.

The only negative with spray tanning, as opposed to the rub on tans, I did feel like I didn’t want to sit down, bend over, or put on any type of clothing that touched my skin because I did still feel a tad sticky and worried I would smudge the tan. So I highly recommend doing this on a day off when you can wear an oversized t-shirt dress and stand up all day.

Overall, my tan looks really natural and glowing, my skin feels great, the experience was relaxed and quick, the price was AMAZING ( $29 on Tuesdays!). I rate my experience a 9/10 only because I was a little stressed about smudging the tan throughout the day.