What is a moment? A period of seconds? A transient amorphous segment of time? Something we want to pass through just to move on to the next? The vast majority of people, myself included, forget to live in the present and prefer to pass through time and get to something else. We all just want to live through to the next instead of living for every second. Living for the weekend, the next vacation, the upcoming party etc. But what do we miss ignoring that moment? What tiny particle of joy might pass you by when you just live through a moment? That tiny particle could be pure joy! You’ve just gotta remember to live in the day, in the moment, in the second, because in just a period of seconds it will change — maybe for the better, maybe for the worse– but nonetheless that moment will pass and life will continue to change. My goal for this blog is to not only teach myself to live in the moment and love it, but also to inspire you to do the same. Go out, experience, explore every second. LIVE. Don’t blink because you might miss a tiny beautiful moment, of this crazy thing called life.