This gift guide topic is a bit of a mouthful, so much so that  I couldn’t even fit it all in the title. “Gift Guide –Hipster Edition — Gifts under $100”. I’m focusing on shopping for the trendsetter in your life — you know we all have one; but sometimes harder than shopping for the hipster, is shopping for them on a budget. Today’s gift guide, I’ve honed in on items that are $100 or less, that will still be sure to please your hipster this year! (P.S. If you don’t feel like searching through all the links to find a specific item, there is a shoppable affiliate widget at the base of this article!)


  1. Jack Daniel’s Tennesee whiskey coffee: Help your hipster stay warm and on trend with this coffee infused with authentic Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey! (non-alcoholic!)
  2. Lumber Jack Plaid Stackable Coffee Mug Set: The perfect partner present to #1, this set of 4 stackable lumberjack printed mugs is “SOO Instagramable”.
  3. The Technical Jacket in Army Green: An absolute must-have in every hipster’s closet is the army style adventurer jacket in deep green — utility pockets are a bonus when it comes to “coolness” factor–!
  4. The Timberland Stratmore Moc toe Boot:  As seen on every internet famous cool-guy, the Timberland boot is functional, comfortable, and oh-so-stylish.
  5. Pure Leather Charger Catch-all: This is possibly one of my favorite things on the list. Not only is this catch-all awesomely trendy and masculine, but also super handy for travel or daily business use!
  6. The Travel Stub Diary: For every wanna-be Jack Kerouac out there, this travel stamp diary is the perfect way to help your hipster organize his adventure memories.
  7. Hershel Supply Co. Travel Kit (And or Fanny-Pack): So the fanny pack gets a really bad wrap, I mean let’s be real the 90’s were a sad generation of fanny-pack clad….everyone. That said, over the past two years or so the fanny pack has once again become the staple of the stylish. It’s Also very utilitarian, waterproof, and useful for those who like hiking with light-weight gear.
  8. The Chillsner:  A good friend of mine has these Chillsner innovative beer chillers. Keep your Chillsner in the freezer and pop it into your hot beer, and within seconds you’ll have the perfectly ice-cold beverage (P.S. You can actually drink through the Chillsner while it’s in your beer)
  9. Retro Blue Tooth Speaker: I know that I put at least one version of stylish speakers in every one of these gift guides, but they are so popular right now and I think they are really cool. This one especially would be a great addition to any hipster home.
  10. All Birds Wool Runner: Every good hipster needs a superb pair of stylish runners for…most likely not running. That said, if your hipster wanted to run in these they are built for performance with their remarkable lightweight and breathable materials.
  11. Coach Card Case: The card case is quickly forcing the wallet into extinction. Durable, compact, and sleek, card cases, in my opinion, are a must for every guy on your list, hipster or not.
  12. Barbour Merino Wool Scarf: If you haven’t caught the trend yet, plaid is a fundamental pattern in the life of every hipster.
  13. Men’s Society Travel Kit: A travel kit is a must-have for your guy on the go, so why not spoil him a bit with a high-quality kit straight from the UK.
  14. Oversized Turtleneck:  Stylish and slouchy, this oversized merino wool turtleneck is sure to keep your hipster cozy this winter.

  1. The FEMME T-shirt:  The bold printed tee is the every-day uniform of the female hipster. Paired with mom jeans and beat-up sneaks, your hipster is sure to turn heads in this bright pink, french girl tee.
  2. Tortious Shell Shades: Oversized faux glasses are all the rage these days, but instead of giving your hipster a fake pair of specs, why not help them stay on trend with a pair of UV protecting shades?
  3. Rainbow Beanie:  Beanies are a quintessential accessory for the winter clad hipster. Similar to the popularity of printed tee’s, printed and Pom-accessorized hats and beanies are all the rage this year.
  4. The Sherpa Slipper: More than likely your hipster will detest all things UGG brand, but still secretly idolize the comfort and simplicity they offer. So with this not-so-UGG-brand slip-on bootie, you can indulge your hipster’s inner cravings for fur-lined comfort.
  5. Plaid Cape Scarf: Blanket scarves, capes, and ponchos have been topping the fall/winter trend charts for women over the past 3 or so years. You’ll be sure to bring a sparkle to the eye of your stylish recipient with this cape scarf that can be used as all three (Poncho, Scarf, and Cape!).
  6. Daniel Wellington Watch: With over one million tagged photos on Instagram, I don’t think I’m going too far to say that DW is one of the hottest brands of watches on the market. Stylish, affordable, and totally trending, any hipster would be excited to don one of these babies this Christmas.
  7. Pom-Pom Basket: Utility baskets and blanket baskets have become a “must-have” for almost every stylish home. This rainbow tufted basket takes it one step further into hipster territory by combining multi-colored goodness with the ever-loved look of canvas.
  8. Lip and Cheek Tint: Low maintenance skin care and makeup are hotly sought after in this day and age, but the fact that this lip and cheek tint is “French Girl” brand makes it even more cravable!
  9.  Multi-Colored Card Case: Men and women alike are rocking these stylish and useful card cases, but women especially love the new found space in their bags when they switch from a classic wallet to a card case!
  10. Sweater Weather Mug: I mean, it’s from Target, its a mug, it’s $5, and it says “sweater weather”, need I say more? #pumpkinspicelife
  11. Nebulizing Aromatherapy Diffuser:  With the onset of essential oil everything, diffusers are a must have for every home and apartment.
  12. Fringe Mix Scarf: Some trends come and go and never return, but the trend of the mustard colored scarf never does seem to disappear.
  13. Brixton Beret: I’ll be honest, I totally want this one — not that I don’t already have several berets in many colors–. Berets are the 2017 version of the fedora, everyone wants one, and almost everyone looks cool in one (While the trend lasts that is)
  14. Leather Bound Journal: With popularity almost comparable to lumberjack-plaid, pebbled leather goods seem to be ubiquitous this season. Be it journals, wallets, handbags, and even phone cases, pebbled leather in unique colors are this season’s hottest trend in accessories.

Well, that’s all for today folks! I hope this little list of spunky and swank gifts help you shop for your favorite hipster this year without breaking the bank! (P.S. This post contains affiliate links, please refer to my disclaimer page for more info)