Digital nomadism, the wanderer or wanderess, the permanent explorer, and wanderluster. There are many names these days for what is becoming one of the most popular lifestyles amongst millennials. Shrugging off the classic “American dream” of settling down in one place with a long-term career and the white picket fence, the digital nomad is living a life on the go; most Likely earning their living online, living small and essential. (Tiny houses, #vanlife, jet-set, it’s ringing a bell now right?) Now that we’ve discovered just who the Digital Nomad is, most likely you’ve realized you have one in your life — or someone aspiring to that lifestyle.

How in the world do you shop for this person? Most likely all their belongings can fit in a single bag, a tiny moveable home, or a renovated “house-van”, and most likely they really only purchase what is necessary to life and happiness. Pretty tough cookie to shop for? Hopefully, with today’s gift guide, it won’t be so hard anymore. On the Wanderess Gift Guide, I focused on unexpected necessities with one or two fun things thrown in. Usually, I separate my gift guides into “his-and-hers”, but today we are focusing on our wanderess because let’s be real, women need A LOT of things. With all that said, let’s hop right in!


  1. New Age Polaroid: Spoil your wanderess just a tad with this amazing camo printed polaroid. Most likely she loves snapping photos of the places she visits, and sometimes capturing moments the old-fashioned way is best!
  2. Adventure Awaits passport holder: A passport holder is just one of those things that I think is necessary for any frequent flyer. Not only does it have compact cubbies for your passport, but also contains 4 slots for credit cards!
  3. The Minimergency kit: Containing just about everything a girl on the go needs, this minimergency kit is both necessary and adorable!
  4. Hard Case Roller bag: Every girl needs a lightweight piece of rolling luggage! Pretty and practical, this Ann Klein Aurora bag is lightweight with a telescopic handle and a tough-case outer shell to protect the contents!
  5. “I’m Outa Here” Luggage Tag: This tag is just one of those “why-not” gifts. Your wanderess will definitely need a luggage tag at some point to make sure her baggage if lost, makes it’s way back home!
  6. World Maps Calendar: Okay, so maybe not a necessity, but it’s just so cool! Plus she’ll need a calendar at some point right?
  7. Detox Dry Shampoo: The Dry Bar’s most popular product, Detox Dry Shampoo, is an absolute MUST for a gal on the go. For all those days of plane travel, jet lag, or camping, dry shampoo is just one of those things every girl needs to keep her hair in shape.
  8. Extendable Marble Print Lint Roller: I don’t know about you, but I go through probably 5 lint rollers a month. When you are traveling or living in close quarters, dust, lint, and pet hair are likely to be clinging to every item of clothing. So keep her looking her best with this portable size lint roller.
  9. Mini Blow dryer: This mini dryer does so much more than fit in her carry-on bag, it is also made with salon-grade materials to keep her locks healthy and happy!
  10. Rose Gold Head Set: This hand-made leather and rose gold set of headphones has a three button setting for optimal listening in all environments! Keep your wanderess looking super stylish while keeping up with her favorite podcast.
  11. Gold Sneaks: It’s no secret that I’m partial to New Balance. They make some of the most comfortable and stylish sneakers! These are the perfect gift for running through airports or some hiking depending on her lifestyle preference!
  12. Oversized Sweater: The next two items are must-haves for a life filled with travel. From day to day #vanlife or in the cab catching her next flight, an oversized sweater paired with printed leggings are likely to be her every-day uniform.
  13. Marble printed leggings: Refer to #12 for the full explanation, but comfort and cuteness….need I say more?


Thanks for reading today’s gift guide, Y’all! I hope you’ve enjoyed my gift sets thus far, next week will be my final piece! So If I’ve missed the “hard-to-shop-for” person in your life, don’t forget to send me a message so I can dedicate my final post to them!