Fall (or transition as my inner stylist comes out and still uses retail titles for seasons) is one of those seasons that makes you crave new fashion more than any other. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just magically have some extra spending cash around this time of year to fund your inner desire for a shopping spree? Well, I’m here to tell you some good news. You. Just. Might. I’ve partnered with some really awesome bloggers this month to offer an amazing giveaway! $1000 spending money at one of my favorite stores, NORDSTROM! Man, at a store like Nordstrom, $1000 can go a long way for a shopping spree. So in honor of this very exciting giveaway, I thought I’d make up “what I’d buy with 1K at Nordstrom” Wishlist to get you guys excited…and myself. I’m totally jealous of whoever wins this. Hello new fall wardrobe! (For more info on how to enter this giveaway, pop over to my Instagram!) Happy winning. Happy shopping

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